Current Projects

The Integrated Regenerative Design (IRD) framework is still under development, so much of the current focus is around completing the definition of the basic framework elements to the point where formal pilot projects can be supported.

Two of the major areas of work over the past year have been the Biocompatible Design Standards and the Regenerative Design Methods elements.

Biocompatible Design

The Biocompatible Design (BCD) standards have been through the first two stages of system-level peer-review and are in preparation to begin a subject-matter peer-review pass. If you are interested in being part of this process, please see the Peer-Review page for more details.

Regenerative Design Methods

The whole-system approach to regenerative design taken by the IRD framework is based broadly on many of the approaches pioneered by Permaculture, Agroecology, and related fields. Considerable work has been done to adapt and extend these disciplines to address the full range of design challenges involved with technology design as scale.

The current iteration of the Permaculture Design Certification course offered by IIRD has been structured specifically to be delivered as a 100-hour graduate level class appropriate for engineers, architects, urban planners, and other design professionals.