Holistic Decision Making

Decision-making in complex projects can often be somewhat ad hoc and often fails to include the voices of all stakeholders. The holistic decision-making approach used in the IRD framework creates a clear road-map for making complex decisions that produce regenerative outcomes while honoring the input of everyone affected.

The Holistic Decision-Making system used by IRD requires methods that do the following:

  • Identifies the boundaries of the system under design, including the internal and external stakeholders, all other living systems affected, the resource base, and the inputs/outputs
  • Defines the decision pathways and decision-making responsibilities
  • Defines the implementation plan, including which parties will be responsible for which parts of the system design, implementation, operation, maintenance, and decommissioning.
  • Defines the design and implementation schedule and lifecycle timeline
  • Defines a system of risk identification and risk management
  • Defines a method to isolate the root-cause issue behind problems
  • Defines the testing questions that will be used to test major decisions
  • Defines the means of monitoring and adjusting throughout the design, implementation, maintenance, and decommissioning processes