Regenerative Research Collaboration

The good news for those involved in working with regenerative design is that recent research is increasingly showing that regenerative design is healthier for humans than competing approaches while producing outcomes that are both technically superior and economically more profitable. This means it is time for the regenerative design community to start keeping track of the new research and documenting how it supports regenerative design systems.

Fortunately there are a variety of open-source software tools and platforms that can help us collaborate on this task. To help gather and curate links to high-quality research that backs regenerative design practices, the Institute of Integrated Regenerative Design is sponsoring the Regenerative Research Collaboration (RRC). 

The RRC uses open-source tools to allow free access to a database of references to provide evidence-based support for regenerative projects. Contributors are encouraged to submit new links to be added, with all proposed references being curated by a team of experts to ensure quality.

The RRC project is currently in the formative stages, so subscribe to the IRD newsletter to be informed of upcoming webinars that will provide full details.